Winter Windowsill Wonderland

Winter Windowsill Wonderland
Winter Windowsill Wonderland

Windowsills are the ideal spot for your little desert plants to soak up some rays! But when the view out that window goes from green grass to snow-covered vistas, those succ-ers might need a little adjusting. Here’s a few tips for navigating your succulent-lined windowsills in the winter.

1. Make sure the leaves aren’t touching the cold pane.

Some succulents can handle colder temps, but for most, frostbite can really do damage! Keep your succulents’ leaves from directly touching the windowpane to avoid frostbite or too much moisture from condensation.

2. Check that soil regularly.

Remember, most succulents need less water in the winter, and colder soil dries out slowly. But if you’re blasting the heat, your soil may actually dry out faster than usual. Stick your finger in the dirt to get a ~feel~ for the situation.⁠ If you water your cuties too much, it can also cause the roots to rot!

3. Add a clip-on grow light to your sill for an extra boost of light. ⁠

Rotate your succulents and consider incorporating a grow light to supplement the darker days. Check out our post here on Grow Lights.

4. Speaking of heat…

Keep those bbs away from any direct heat or hot air flow. Even if they’ve just arrived on your snowy doorstep, there’s no need to overcompensate by roasting ’em!⁠ Try to keep the temperature between 65-80 degrees this keeps your bbs happy.

5. Live in a place with drafty windows and sub-freezing temps?

You can still rock an indoor succulent garden! Just move your succulents 6-12” back from the window to protect them from the cold air. Placing them on a table in front of the window is a great way to keep them far enough away from the draft, but still take advantage of the natural sunlight!

Now your succulents can windowsill and chill all winter long! Happy growing, lovelies!