Wine Cork Succulent Planter DIY

Wine Cork Succulent Planter DIY
Wine Cork Succulent Planter DIY

Put your succulents on display AND upcycle your wine corks. Simple, easy succulent decor for the win! These teeny little succulent planters are perfect as cute accents on your dining room table, stuck on the fridge with a magnet (you know your crafty self has a hot glue gun, don’t lie), or given away as party favors at your next gathering!

Check out these super simple instructions and you’ll never throw away another wine cork again. ⠀

How to Upcycle Wine Corks for Your Bb Succulents

Difficulty level: Easy

You’ll need:⠀

  • A few wine corks⠀
  • Small succulents (with either no roots or very small roots)⠀
  • Drill and whichever bit works best for your size corks (5/16 is a safe bet)⠀
  • Cactus soil ⠀


  1. Drill a hole ¾ of the way down the cork. You may need to do a few passes to get a nice, clean opening.
  2. Shake out cork to remove any remaining pieces. ⠀
  3. Add a pinch of soil to the cork. ⠀
  4. Nestle your little succulent into the soil. ⠀
  5. Give them a tiny bit of water (we’re talking 4-5 drops).⠀

And that’s it! If you want them to grow after the festivities are over, we don’t recommend leaving them in the corks for longer than a couple weeks. Transplanting is as easy as lightly pulling them out and nestling them into a pot of cactus soil. Simple succulent DIY to the rescue! 🌱🍷

Wine corks? Check. Drill? Check. Cactus Soil? Check. Now all you need is succulents. We’ve got you. Enjoy $5 off your first Succulent Studios box and you’ll be in succulent heaven!