What to Do With Your Succulents When You’re on Vacay

What to Do With Your Succulents When You’re on Vacay
What to Do With Your Succulents When You’re on Vacay

It’s time to prep them for a staycation!


Your bags are packed. Your ticket’s on your phone. You downloaded 5 audiobooks (because you’re *definitely* not about to watch movies the whole plane ride). This vacation is going to crush because you’ve thought of everything! But what about all those plant babies you’re leaving behind? Will your succulents die while you’re gone?! Don’t stress. Succulents love being home alone, and there are only a few things to do to make sure they’ll be extra comfy while you’re away: 

1) Place them in a spot with bright, filtered light. While your baby succulents can deal with a few hours of direct sunlight a day, leaving them in direct sunlight all day could lead to sunburn. To make sure you’re the only one getting a suntan over your vacation, leave your succulents in bright but indirect/filtered sunlight.

2) Don’t overcompensate with the watering. If your succulents’ soil is completely dry and it’s been between 7-10 days since their last watering, water them as you normally would before you leave. However, if the soil is still damp before you leave, even if you’ll be gone for a few weeks, let it be. An under-watered succulent is much more resilient than an over-watered one. They are desert plants after all!

3) Let your house-sitter know what’s up. If you have someone coming to check on the house or water your other plants, leave a little sticky note on your succulents with directions not to water them. Remember, not everyone is a succulent savant like you!


Now you can head off on your adventure with one less thing to worry about, and your succulents will be happily waiting for your return! Bon voyage! ✈️ 🏖️

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