Vinyl Decal Succulent Pot

Vinyl Decal Succulent Pot
Vinyl Decal Succulent Pot

Look, it’s tough out there for a plant parent looking for the perfect succulent pot. What pot screams “you”? What pot has a drainage hole? What store has the best selection? Which pot is more affordable? If you’re anything like us (slightly neurotic and HIGHLY plant obsessed), maybe you’ve spent hours searching Etsy, Amazon and all your local thrift stores trying to find the perfect pot, but you still feel like your plant fam is looking a little blah.

Here’s the deal: Buy a cheap terra-cotta pot, paint it some pretty color, and stick a vinyl decal on that sucker. BAM. Upgrade complete. We believe in you, now get to crafting! 🤗🌱

Time: 1 hour plus drying time

Supplies Needed

  • Succulent Studios subscription box, or 1–3 of your own succulents
  • Terra cotta pot
  • White & coral (or two colors of your choosing) acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Vinyl decal
  • Rock or pebbles
  • Succulent and Cacti soil mix

Preparing the Pot

  • Paint the entire terra-cotta pot white — inside and out! Let dry


  • Use your other color to paint from the lip to the base, leaving the lip white, then let dry completely
  • Take your vinyl decal and slowly smooth it out onto the front of the pot


Adding the Succulents

  • Put a layer of rock at the bottom of your pot to prevent soil from coming out of the drainage hole and allow some room to breathe to avoid root rot
  • Add your succulent and cacti soil to the pot about 3/4 of the way up
  • Separate succulent from pot by pushing in on all sides to loosen the soil, then remove the entire succulent with the root ball attached
  • Place the root ball directly into the soil and repeat for all other succulents
  • Add white rock to cover up the soil to give your pot and succulents a little extra pop and take a photo! Show off your #VinylDecalSucculentPot and tag us #Sucstu on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can see how it turned out!


Aftercare Instructions

  • Succulents require bright, indirect light. Think 6–8 hours a day.
  • Water sparingly — think every 7–14 days. When in doubt, do not water.

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