Upcycled Dino Planter DIY

Upcycled Dino Planter DIY
Upcycled Dino Planter DIY

If there’s one thing we’ll never outgrow, it’s our obsession with dinosaurs. (This is a dinosaur world and we’re just living in it.)
That’s why we’re turning a dino toy into hella cute decor as a planter for your succulents!

You’ll need:


– A hollow plastic toy (we’re using a dinosaur, obvi)
– Spray paint (optional)
– A drill (also optional, but makes things a LOT easier)
– A craft knife or sharp scissors
– Cactus Soil
– A succulent

Here’s what to do:

Step 1. Paint your toy! Use a shiny metallic spray paint like the silver we used, or grab some other waterproof paint to help the toy match your home aesthetic. (This step is optional._DSC1333

Step 2. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the toy. This will be your drainage hole.


Step 3. Drill several holes in a circle or rectangle shape along the top of the toy.


Step 4. Using a craft knife or scissors, cut out a circle using the previously drilled holes as a guide._DSC1339

Step 5. Fill the toy with cactus soil.


Step 6. Nestle in your succulent and top off with more soil to secure it.



That’s it! Who knew an old toy from your kid (or sister, nephew, neighbor, thrift store…) could make such a cute new home for your plant babies?!


A note on upcycling
: Upcycling is more than just a trendy way of saying “reuse.” It’s a commitment to reduce waste, save money, and move away from single-use habits. Even the most unexpected items can be upcycled, so use this as inspiration to create some super unique succulent homes!

Here’s a video breaking down the steps for all you visual learners out there!

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