Succulents in the Office: A How-To

Succulents in the Office: A How-To
Succulents in the Office: A How-To


Succulents make for enviable desk decor, it’s just facts. Not only are these bbs colorful and cute additions to your office, they make the perfect sidekicks by…

· Cleansing the air by removing VOCs
· Preventing the spread of colds and flus
· Increasing productivity and attentiveness (For more info on that, click here )

There’s just one catch…

Sunlight. If you’re still working towards that corner office with all the windows, chances are your desk isn’t getting a ton of natural light. (Fluorescents don’t help your selfies and they definitely don’t help your succulents.)

Luckily, adding a grow light to your desk is a simple fix! All you’ll need is desk lamp that can direct light downward (like the one pictured) and a 30-45W Full Spectrum grow bulb, sold at any garden store or on Amazon.

For best results, situate your grow light 12″ to 24″ from your succulents. Leave the light on all day while you’re working or, if the color of the bulb bothers you, turn it on when you leave the office. (Most succulents can handle up to 12-18 hours under a grow bulb.) These lights don’t produce heat and don’t use lots of electricity, so they can be left on for long periods of time. We don’t recommend leaving them on over the weekend though, as succulents can still get sunburn from prolonged grow light exposure. For more grow light tips and tricks, head here.

Have fun transforming your work place into your happy place!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your succulents!

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