Succulent Zen Garden DIY

Succulent Zen Garden DIY
Succulent Zen Garden DIY

Let’s get *~zen~* 🕉️

Just as stress is a natural part of life, so is de-stressing! We created a little succulent zen-scape to provide a much-needed mental break on even the most hectic of days.


Time: 10 minutes

Supplies Needed

Creating Your Zen-Scape

  • Add a layer of rock at the bottom of your pot — drainage, baby
  • Fill the pot about 1/4 full with the succulent and cacti soil
  • Separate succulent from pot by pushing in on all sides to loosen soil, then remove the succulent with root ball attached and place the succulent into the soil
  • Pour in your sand over the soil, around the base of the succulent eventually filling to the top
  • Shake the pot gently back and forth to level out the sand
  • Using a toothpick, draw lines, circles or your own special design
  • Take a photo! Show off your #SucculentZenGarden and tag us #Sucstu on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can see how it turned out!

Aftercare Instructions

  • Be sure when your succulents are getting enough indirect light to thrive — think 6–8 hours each day!
  • Water sparingly only every 7–10 days.


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