Succulent Pumpkin Planter: How to Make the Perfect Pumpculent

Succulent Pumpkin Planter: How to Make the Perfect Pumpculent
Succulent Pumpkin Planter: How to Make the Perfect Pumpculent

Pumpkin + Succulent = Pumpculent!

It’s officially pumpkin spice err’thang season, and this is one bandwagon we have no problem jumping on! No, we’re not making our succulents pumpkin spice scented or flavored, (please don’t eat your succulents), but we ARE going to plant those succ-ers into a super cute pumpkin. It’s called a pumpculent, and it’s straight up adorable. ⁣ ⁣

To get started you’ll just need a carving tool, a few succulents, cactus soil, one of those cute little pumpkins, and some autumn decor of your choosing. (You could use a big pumpkin too, but you’ll need a lot more succulents.) Here’s what to do:⁣ ⁣

Step 1. Cut off the top of the pumpkin.⁣


Step 2. Scoop out all of the pumpkin seeds and fibrous strands.⁣


Step 3. Fill the pumpkin up most of the way with cactus soil.⁣


Step 4. Nestle in your succulents.⁣


Step 5. Fill in more cactus soil around succulents to secure them.⁣ ⁣


Bonus step
: Add any fall flair you have lying around to make your pumpculent extra, well… extra. We used cupcake toppers, but you can go crazy with fake cobwebs, those plastic spider rings (you know the ones,) tiny LED lights, whatever!
And that’s it! Now you have an adorable planter for your succs that will totally pull your fall decor together from now through Thanksgiving (Okay, maybe take the cobwebs off for Thanksgiving.) Be sure to tag @sucstu in photos of your pumpculent so we can see your creation!

Want to share this adorable DIY with your friends? Use this handy photo with all the steps:


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As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your succulents! We’re here to help.