Stem Snap: How to Grow a Succulent Without Roots

Stem Snap: How to Grow a Succulent Without Roots
Stem Snap: How to Grow a Succulent Without Roots

Whether snapped from its roots by accident or snipped off with scissors, here’s the complete guide to growing your succulent cutting!

Sometimes your cat knocks your plants off the windowsill while staring into your eyes. Sometimes your postal worker dropkicks your Succulent Studios subscription box onto your stoop. And sometimes you have a super happy, healthy succulent with a few branches on it, and you want to make more of it! No matter the reason for your succulent not having roots (whether an in injury or intentional snip snip), the truth is this: succulents are just as alive with or without roots. 

In alive, in fact, that succulents without roots have a name: a succulent cutting. Here’s how to take your lil cutting and make sure it grows into a thriving, mature succulent:


  1. Allow your cutting’s stem to callus over at the break/cut point. To do this, just let it sit out for about three days.
  2. Nestle your cutting in a pot with cactus soil.
  3. Lightly water once a week, just enough to get the topsoil wet.
  4. Do this for 3-5 weeks while new roots sprout!
  5. Once roots have started growing (you can check by gently pulling your succulent out of the soil – image of fresh roots below), you can resume a normal watering schedule. A good soak once every 2 weeks is ideal for most succulents, but be sure to also check its care card.


A Cutting Without Roots


Same Succulent 3 Weeks Later – Roots!

Happy growing!

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