Spring Succulent Prep

Spring Succulent Prep
Spring Succulent Prep

Welcome to growing season (for some succ babes)! Succulents are opportunistic growers, which means they will grow when the conditions are ideal. With proper care, this is the time of year most of your babes can start to show an array of colors and absolutely thrive. Follow our tips for spring care, and get ready to watch as your succulents become the highlight of your windowsill! 


You may feel tempted to bring your succulent into direct sunlight as soon as the weather gets warmer, but resist the urge! Just like people without sunscreen, succs can get sunburnt. To avoid sunburn, slowly increase the amount of sun your babe is getting so she can acclimate.  Start with exposing succulents to the morning sun and work your way up to the intense afternoon sun. Most succs will enjoy 4-6 hours of sunbathing once they are fully acclimated. Keep in mind, some succs prefer to stay out of direct light entirely, and would rather enjoy a bright shade or indirect light.


Depending on the light and temperature where your succulents are located, increased watering may be necessary. In the spring, succulents can consume water at a high rate to grow new stems, leaves, and roots! Check out these tips on the best type of water for your succs. 


Be patient when repotting – it is best to wait until when the weather will stay consistently warm before disrupting her winter snooze. A general rule to follow is to repot succulents every two years. Your babes may not need a larger pot, but repotting is a great way to give your babe fresh fertile soil. If your succulent is gearing up for its growing season, consider adding a time-release granular fertilizer when you repot. 


Pruning is not only a spring-time prep job but should be done year-round. Get rid of any dead growth, fallen leaves, lower dead brown leaves, and dead flower heads. Beware of bugs and pests that like to hide in the dead leaves!

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