Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically

Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically
Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically

We totally get it, you are at a big box store and the garden section is CALLING your name. The draw to that section is hard to ignore. However, you might give those huge garden sections a side-eye after finding out more information about them. 

Hardware stores literally SPRAY PAINT their plants and they use plastic pots. 

Reasons to Stop Buying Plants From Box Stores

Plant Quality & In-Store Care

You might assume that if you give your plant the proper care it’ll thrive, but that is not always the case. The care (or lack of) plants receive after they leave the grower or greenhouse has a major impact on the quality of the plant. If stores do not give succulents the care they need, this will drastically affect the plant quality. 

Large box stores often spray plants with Neonicotinoid, a toxic pesticide that contributes to the drop in bee population. Although many box stores have promised to discontinue use or label plants that have been treated with the pesticide, it is still better to totally avoid possibly buying plants that have been treated. 

Staff Knowledge

Only trust the care of your plant bbs to the professionals! Our team at the SucStu farm has owned the succulent farm for generations and the head farmer, Ryan, is our co-owners! When buying plants from plant people, we not only keep up with proper care for each particular plant, but we also know how to maximize each plant’s potential growth. 

Support Small Business

We send 2 unique and rare succulents per month in 100% plastic-free packaging. Our biodegradable pots make it super easy to pot your plants. Simply pop the biodegradable pot into a slightly bigger pot with some extra soil (if needed) and voila – a potted plant! 

Often, the actual plant you’re buying is a mystery at box stores, and care instructions are even more mysterious. We include the cutest care cards with every plant, detailing exactly how to keep your bb happy and healthy. We do not repeat plants for at least a year, so you are guaranteed to have the most unique collection of succs. 

Save gas and save time by skipping the box store. Succulents are literally one click away! Save $5 by using the button below!

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