Root Growth 101: How To Propagate Succulent Cuttings

Root Growth 101: How To Propagate Succulent Cuttings
Root Growth 101: How To Propagate Succulent Cuttings

It only takes 5 steps to grow a new succulent from an offshoot!

While leaf propagation produces irresistibly adorable, teeny tiny rosettes, cutting propagation can be an easier, shorter process of growing more of your favorite succulents. Plus, there are situations where cutting propagation is the only method that will work, like if you’re propagating offshoots or trimming down a stretched succulent. Here’s how you do it:

A Coppertone sedum just after cutting, callused 2 days later, and growing roots 2 weeks later.

Step 1. With sterile scissors, make a clean cut to remove the offshoot from the main stem, or to top the succulent.

Step 2. Allow the bottom of your cutting to callus. It will appear as a rough dry patch where the stem or offshoot was cut.

Step 3. Nestle the offshoot or stem into a small pot of dry cactus soil. (Optional: substitute coconut coir for cactus soil if you have it. Coconut coir promotes root growth.)

Step 4. Place the potted cutting somewhere it will receive bright, indirect light, like a windowsill.

Step 5. Once or twice a week, lightly water your cutting, just enough to wet the topsoil.

After about 5-6 weeks of light watering, your cutting will have new roots! At this point, you can switch your watering to a drench and dry method. This will encourage the roots that have been growing outward to now grow down into the soil, providing a strong base for your succulent. Ta da! Now you’ve got a whole new healthy succulent.

A Jelly Bean succulent with a new offshoot 6 weeks after it was cut.

Bonus plants: If you cut the top off of your succulent to propagate it, hang onto the remaining, potted stem and continue to care for it like normal. When you top a succ, new rosettes will often grow from the side of the stem. Eventually, you can cut and propagate those with this method as well! And if your partner or roomie gets mad that the entire apartment is covered in tiny, rooting succulents… don’t @ us.

Happy propagating!

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