Reduce Reuse Recycle: Rubber Bands

Reduce Reuse Recycle: Rubber Bands
Reduce Reuse Recycle: Rubber Bands

We pride ourselves on shipping our succulents in 100% plastic-free packaging with biodegradable pots! We believe it is long overdue for business to operate with Mother Earth and future generations in mind. Our mission is to walk this earth more gently and do our part for a greener and brighter future. Let’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Rubber Bands!

The only part of our packaging that is not recyclable are the rubber bands used to hold the plant goodies inside of the pot. The good news – you can reuse them! Rubber bands are a staple in households and have so many uses. Here’s a few of our faves:

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Ways to Reuse Rubber Bands

1. No need to buy chip clips! Use a rubber band to seal your snacks. Snacks will stay just as fresh. 

2. Use a rubber band as a bookmark! Wrap it from top to bottom of the page you last read to save your spot. 

3. Want to stop your cutting board from sliding? Wrap a rubber band around each side of the cutting board to help it stay in place.

4. Use them for succulent water propagation! Rubber bands are a great way to keep the plastic wrap in place on your glass jar when propagating succulent leaves or can even be used to hold succulent cuttings in place over jars. 

5. Money saving hack! Wrap a rubber band around the neck of a soap dispenser, aka the part you push down to dispense the soap. This limits the amount of soap that comes out of the bottle, reducing the waste of soap and saving you some cash.

6. Have more rubber bands than you can possibly reuse? Donate them! Schools are always in need of supplies and can benefit from your donation. Drop a bunch off at the next school supply drive.

7. Use them as a grip to open stubborn jars. Wrap the band around jar lids to help create grip for easier opening. 

8. Organize long cords and cell phone chargers by using a rubber band to tie them up. Great for traveling or at home! Save space and prevent tangling. 

Rubber Bands Fun Fact

Technically, rubber bands are compostable! Rubber comes from the sap of a rubber tree and the rule of thumb is, if it was once alive, it can be composted. However, it is better to reuse rubber bands because they take a long, long time to break down.

Let’s keep our plant happy! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Rubber Bands ♻️