Pumpkin Succulent Garden DIY

Pumpkin Succulent Garden DIY
Pumpkin Succulent Garden DIY

Making the perfect Autumn / Halloween decor only takes a few minutes!

This Pumpkin Succulent Garden DIY is the perfect addition to your pumpkin patch plans this weekend (it’s okay, we know that’s an activity you can’t miss). It takes less than an hour, you only need a few supplies, and it lasts as long as your pumpkin does!

Grab your kids, partner, friends, neighbors, ghosts, witches, cats, or whoever you hang with (no judgment) and join us in making a beautiful, fall-friendly succulent garden!

Supplies Needed

  • Succulent Studios subscription box(es) — or 2 to 4 of your own succulents
  • A small to medium-sized pumpkin (depending on how many succulents you’re using)
  • Flower cutters, scissors, or a knife for removing the stem of the pumpkin
  • Moss (Michaels has a bunch of affordable options)
  • Spray adhesive (found at most craft stores)
  • Tacky glue OR a glue gun (found at most craft stores)

#Pumpculentgarden Instructions

Preparing the Pumpkin

  1. Cut off most of the stem on the pumpkin with flower cutters or knife without cutting the pumpkins skin.
  2. While wearing protective gloves, use the spray adhesive on a round of moss big enough to thickly cover the top of the pumpkin. Attach the adhesive-side of the moss to the top of the pumpkin.

Adding the Succulents

  1. Separate succulent from pot and remove the attached soil from the root bulb by holding the top of the succulent while gently crumbling off the soil.
  2. Once the root of your succulent is exposed, cut it off with scissors or flower cutters. Don’t worry! Your succulent will grow a new root into the moss.
  3. Add tacky or hot glue *around* the stem of the succulent and secure your succulent in moss. Rearrange as you go, adding more glue if needed to keep your succulent put. *Be sure the succulent stem is in the moss. Add more moss if needed.*
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 with the rest of your succulents, adding any decorations (twigs, plastic spiders, faux cobwebs, etc.) to Halloween-ify your #pumpculentgarden.
  5. Take a photo! Show of your #pumpculentgarden and tag us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter so we can see how it turned out!

Aftercare Instructions

-Spray the moss with water every 2 days.

-Be sure your garden gets plenty of natural light — about 6 hours/day.

-When your pumpkin starts to wilt, plant the entire pumpkin in a hole in your yard with succulents and moss sticking up from ground. OR cut off the top of the pumpkin with moss and succulents, chuck the bottom and plant the rest!

How-To Video