Propagation Mandalas

Propagation Mandalas
Propagation Mandalas

Living art is the best kind of art!

That’s why we’re obsessing over these propagation mandalas, which are gorgeous, easy to make, and actually a very practical way to propagate your succulents!

What You’ll Need

  • A bunch of succulent leaves (the more variety the better)
  • A shallow tray, about 1-2inches deep
  • Soil
  • A mister

What To Do

  1. Gather succulent leaves. Making sure to only choose healthy leaves to remove from your succulents, gently twist the leaf and pull it off the stem, leaving a clean break. This is a great time of year to take leaves off the bottom of stretched succulents.

  2. Fill your tray with a layer of soil about an inch thick.

  3. Lay your succulents down in a radial pattern spreading outwards. Mandalas are usually a circle shape, but there are no rules! Actually, there’s only one: leave enough room between each leaf for roots and rosettes to grow.

  4. Propagating leaves don’t need as much sunlight as their mama succulents. Set your tray in a spot where it will receive indirect light, like a north or east facing window.

  5. If your leaves are fresh and haven’t formed calluses where they were removed from the mother plant, give them 3 days to dry and form calluses on their ends.

  6. Mist your tray with water every other day.

  7. Patience makes perfect! It can take about 3-4 weeks for roots to sprout and about 1-2 months to see new rosettes.
  8. Once your rosettes are about the size of a nickel, you can grab a pot of cactus soil and nestle the roots of your leaf propagations into the soil, leaving the old leaf and new rosette sitting on top. If you’re still feeling iffy about planting your leaf propagations (we get it, they’ve come so far and seem so delicate,) check out the full blog post on it here. BOOM, a new succulent! Water lightly once a week, and remove the old leaf once it dies. 



Now just sit back and enjoy the journey! Happy propagating, lovelies!



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