Going Plastic-Free: New Packaging, Healthier Succulents, and a Greener Future

Going Plastic-Free: New Packaging, Healthier Succulents, and a Greener Future
Going Plastic-Free: New Packaging, Healthier Succulents, and a Greener Future

It’s time for (biodegradable) change.


Our mission as succulent growers has always been about bringing a little of the outdoor world in and sharing our passion for succulents with folks in every corner of the country. These little desert plants have helped us spread the word on water conservation, natural air filtration, and creating a healthier home – just by inviting succulents into your space.

But it hasn’t been quite enough. We believe it’s long overdue for businesses to operate with our earth and future generations in mind, and we’re ready to make a change.

We are so proud to announce our new 100% plastic-free packaging. It’s truly a change that’s bigger than us, bigger than our succulents. It’s a mission to walk this earth more gently and do our part for a brighter, greener future.


Here are the details:


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Unboxing bliss: earth-friendly packaging + safer shipping

Unboxing should be blissful, which is one of the reasons we redesigned our packaging. Your baby succulents will now arrive in biodegradable pots that are safely suspended within a compact, recyclable cardboard box. The newly designed box features impact-absorbent inserts for more secure shipment (which means less stress and fewer toppled succulents, ultimately providing you with healthier, happier plants). 




Plant perfect: easier potting + stronger succulents

The more a young succulent gets moved around, jostled, and repotted, the more stress it endures and the less likely it is to thrive. Our new earth-friendly pots make potting easier for you and safer for your succulents, giving them the best chance to flourish in their new homes.

When you pot your succulent, you will place the entire thing–biodegradable pot and all–right into a new container, all without removing your succulent from its original pot. This whole potting process is far less stressful for your baby plant; the roots it has worked so hard to grow will stay intact, and the original pot will have completely degraded in only a few months. It’s a win across the board!



We’re so excited to share this new chapter with you! This change will not only reduce waste in your local landfill and completely rid plastic from our packaging, it will help us continue providing you with gorgeous, happy succulents.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new packaging, email us at hello@succulent.studio.

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