Planting Succulent Leaf Propagations

Planting Succulent Leaf Propagations
Planting Succulent Leaf Propagations

So, your hard work finally paid off! Your propagated succulent leaves have started sprouting leaves and rosettes! Now, on to the most important part: planting those new rosettes so they can grow big and strong.


Here’s the scoop:


After your propagated leaf has grown a new rosette and roots, you will eventually want to plant it in cactus soil.


The leaf you propagated will become shriveled, at which point you can gently twist and pull it off.



You’re then left with the rosette and roots! Nestle the roots into the soil and leave the rosette sitting on top.



If your propagated succulent is big enough to plant but the original leaf is still alive OR if the original leaf isn’t coming off and you’re worried about breaking the plant, don’t stress! Just plant the old leaf in the soil along with the new roots, or leave it on top of the soil with the new rosette. Either way, it will eventually die and you can discard it.

Once planted, spritz your new bb succulent with water once a week. After 2-3 months, it will be mature enough to water more fully less often. Switch to a cup or watering can and give it a few tablespoons of water once every two weeks. The bigger it grows, the more water it can handle.


*If you aren’t sure how to propagate your succulent leaves to create more baby succulents, here’s how.


Happy propagating!

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