Picking the Right Pot

Picking the Right Pot
Picking the Right Pot

Extreme Home Makeover: Succulent Edition!

When your little succulent bb arrives in the mail, she’ll be thriving in her biodegradable pot. But after a while you may notice her pot is starting to soften, the soil is drying out quickly, or her roots are sticking out the bottom. If you see any of these signs, (or you’re just looking for something with a little more style) it’s time to get your succulent in some new digs!

Considering factors like size, depth, and material when rehoming your succulent will help to ensure it is happy and healthy in its new home.

What To Look For In A Pot

  • Size: When planting succulents, look for something that will leave a 2-inch diameter between the succulent and edge of the pot. If you’ll be planting a few succulents together, leave 2 inches between each succulent.
  • Depth: Succulents are happiest in a shallow pot. A large, deep pot with lots of extra soil will likely retain water longer and can lead to root rot. A shallow pot allows for the water to drain quickly and holds onto just enough water to keep the succulent thriving. Speaking of drainage…
  • Drainage: Drainage! Holes! We can’t say this enough. If you are new to succulent parenthood please please do yourself a favor and get a pot with a drainage hole. Over-watering is one of the easiest ways to hurt your succulent and drainage holes make a huge difference. What if you have an old bottle, jar, or box? That will work too!

Pro tip: We love a good DIY! If you’re going to be repurposing a glass jar, mug, or some other object without drainage holes, add a layer of river rocks to the bottom (at least a few inches thick,) to give excess water somewhere to drain to.

Pot Options 101

Ceramics: Ceramics like terra-cotta, clay, or concrete are somewhat porous, allowing air and excess moisture to pass through its walls. This kind of circulation provides an ideal healthy atmosphere for succulents to thrive.
✓ Inexpensive, easy to find & great in cold climates
x Crack and break easily & may require more watering

Wood: A whole cottage-core vibe! Wood planters work best for succulents that live in full or bright, indirect sunlight because they are cool and retain moisture. Just be careful, too much moisture can cause the wood to split!
✓ Fun DIY, eye-catching & great in hot temperatures
x Doesn’t last as long & too much moisture can cause splits and wood rot

Glass: Terrariums, mason jars, fishbowls, oh my! Glass is creative, elegant, and also ideal for water propagating succulents and other houseplants.
✓ Unique design, modern look, unlimited upcycle potential.
x Poor drainage, potential standing water & very fragile.

Whether you choose a classic terra-cotta, modern concrete, or upcycled item, these tips and tricks will help ensure your succulent is in love with their new home!

You’ve got all the knowledge for the pots, now it’s time to get yourself some plants! Succulent Studios will deliver 2 adorable baby succulents to your door every month, care instructions included. Hit the button below to get 50% off your first box.

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