Painting Terracotta Pots for Succulents

Painting Terracotta Pots for Succulents
Painting Terracotta Pots for Succulents

Terracotta pots are cute, but too many of them can turn your windowsill into a parade of orange. In comes the solution: paint your clay pots! This is a great way to add color while saving money. Terracotta pots are inexpensive and come in many sizes, perfect for your succulent family! Painting them can even turn them into a personalized gift. 

Get in touch with your creative side and dream up funky designs for your pots! Light a candle, put on some music, and get to painting #SelfCare. Draw inspiration from your surroundings, favorite places and things, and your loved ones! Think of the colors of your plant and space when deciding on a design. 

Let’s get started!


Clean terra-cotta pots

Acrylic craft paints in assorted colors

Small or medium foam brushes

Paper plates

Clear spray acrylic

Step 1. Soak Your Pot

Soak your pot in a tub of 9 parts warm water and 1 part bleach for up to an hour and then give it a scrub with a stiff brush, killing all potential lingering bacteria. Allow the pot to completely dry before painting. 

Step 2. Paint! 

Put your paint on a plastic plate and add a small amount of water to the paint. Apply a thin layer to your pot as a base layer using a foam brush. Apple paint to the top of the inside of the pot, about an inch or to the top of the soil. This is to ensure full coverage of the orange clay!  

Step 3. Seal

After the paint has dried, this can take up to a few days depending on your design, apply two layers of a clear water based spray acrylic to seal the paint and prevent scratching.

Step 4. Pot Your Succs!

Time to add your succulents! Use cactus soil to fill up your pot and add those bbs into their new home. Need help potting? We’ve got you covered with our 3-Step Succulent Potting

Painting Tips: 

•Do not cover your drainage hole with paint

•Save intricate details for pots that will be eye level – easier viewing and appreciation! 

•Use different types of brushes for different details, or even a sponge to create a textured effect

•Always work with thin layers for even coverage 

•Check out Pinterest for inspo

Note that terracotta pots are very breathable and porous, this naturally pulls water out of the soil and helps it evaporate. After painting you may notice your soil takes longer to dry out. You may need to adjust your watering schedule after painting. 

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