Mist Busters: Debunking the Misting Myth

Mist Busters: Debunking the Misting Myth
Mist Busters: Debunking the Misting Myth

To mist or not to mist, that is the question…

… asked by you, our wonderful succulent lovers. We’re here to deMISTify this hot topic, so if you’re someone who sprays or mists their succulents, listen up!



Problem: Misting Doesn’t Promote Root Growth

Strong, hardy succulents have strong, hardy roots. While misting allows your succulents to soak up moisture through their leaves–which can keep them alive for a while–it doesn’t promote strong root growth. Think of it this way: when you mist your succulent, the water doesn’t permeate deep into the soil, so the roots don’t need to grow to access the water. However, when you soak the soil, the moisture at the bottom encourages the roots to grow down, creating a stable, hardy root system.



Solution: The “Drench + Dry” Method

ICYMI, succulents are desert plants! 🌵☀️ In the desert, there are infrequent downpours of rain followed by long dry periods. When watering your succulents, you want to mimic these conditions with what we call the Drench + Dry method.

DRENCH: When the soil is completely dry, water your plant thoroughly using a watering can or cup. Soak until water is dripping out of the pot’s drainage hole.
DRY: Do not water again until the soil is completely dry (typically 1-3 weeks depending on temperature, sunlight, and humidity). To test the soil, dig your finger about an inch down to test for moisture.



Exception: Leaf Propagation

All that being said, there is a reason you see misting spray cans in so many succulent photographs and blogs. Misting is a key component of propagation. When you’re propagating succulent leaves you want to mist them every other day. This encourages roots to sprout from the leaves in order to soak up moisture. 

The Verdict 

If you’re not propagating leaves… *Randy Jackson voice* it’s a no for us, dawg.





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