How to Keep a Succulent Journal

How to Keep a Succulent Journal
How to Keep a Succulent Journal

Succulent tracking to the rescue!


Are you ready to level up as a plant parent? Keeping track of your plants’ care and growth in a journal is an easy, fun way to go from plant novice to plant expert, and what better time to start a care journal, since you’ve probably been hanging out with your plants all day anyway?


Why Keep Track?

While succulents don’t require much care, journaling is a really helpful (and fun!) way to make sure they’re thriving. Factors like where you live and how humid your house is can effect the exact care your succulents need. By keeping track of the details and noticing changes in your succ bbs, you can create a tailor-made care guide just for your #succulentgang!


Getting Started

  1. We recommend creating a page for each plant. Having a dedicated page for each plant lets you reference its progress at a glance, which really comes in handy!
  2. Track things like: sunlight exposure, watering schedule, new growth, and color changes.
  3. Copy our sample template with lighting and watering charts, along with sections for care instructions, events, and notes.





  • Plant name
  • Suggested Care instructions
  • Light Chart:
    Location (N.E. Windowsill, bathroom, etc…)
    Duration: (how many hours/day)
    Type of light: (direct, Indirect, grow light)
  • Watering chart
  • Events (fertilized, repotted, cat knocked over, etc…)
  • Other Notes


These are just the basics! You can also include sketches of your succulents, notes about propagation attempts, nicknames, blooms… the list goes on. Tag @sucstu in a picture of your journals – we can’t wait to see your creations!



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