How to Heal Frostbitten Succulents

How to Heal Frostbitten Succulents
How to Heal Frostbitten Succulents


Whether your succulent box sat outside in freezing temps until you got home from work, or you woke up to find your porch succulents in a snow globe situation, it’s definitely possible to save frostbitten succulents! If the entire succulent is brown, limp, and mushy… you may want to plan its funeral. BUT, if there are still some healthy leaves, or even parts of healthy leaves with frostbitten tips, there’s hope!


Diagnosing and caring for frostbitten succulents:


How to tell if your succulent has sustained frostbite, or damage from cold temps:


1. Your succulent’s leaves will appear wilted and brown.

2. Its leaves will feel mushy, especially at the tips.


How to care for your frostbitten succulent:


1.  Cut away any affected parts of your succulent. Gently remove any totally mushy leaves, and use sharp scissors to snip off any frozen, mushy tips of leaves.


2. Put your succulent somewhere it’ll get bright, indirect sunlight. Resist the temptation to put it in full direct sunlight!


3. Wait to water. You’ll want your succulent to form calluses on all of its cuts and have completely dry soil before watering. Once that happens, water regularly as directed on the care card (usually a good soak once every two weeks is ideal).


4. Don’t put your succulent directly in front of a heat source. It may be tempting to combat the cold with lots of heat, but a dramatic change in temperature will likely do more harm than good. A sunny windowsill will do the trick.


5. Don’t panic if your succulent loses leaves. After you’ve trimmed the frozen parts off your succulent and allowed it time to callus, a little patience while it continues to heal will go a long way. The leaves with trimmed tips will die and fall off over the course of weeks, but new leaves will grow from the middle of the succulent. Wait out the awkward phase, and eventually your succulent will be full of totally new leaves and make a full comeback!