Misfit Succulents: How to Care for Your Succulent Weirdos

Misfit Succulents: How to Care for Your Succulent Weirdos
Misfit Succulents: How to Care for Your Succulent Weirdos

We’re in the land of the misfit succulents! The mangled, the ugly, the awkward, the discolored, the rootless, the callused, the mushy… we’re keeping the faith for ALL of ’em. Gather your weirdo succulents you keep giving that concerned look to, and listen up!⁣ ⁣

5 misfit examples, from left to right:⁣ ⁣


1. This little Tiger’s Jaw has a dark, mushy leaf on the right outside, BUT check out those bright green, tiny leaves emerging just above it. This succulent will eventually shed its discolored, dying leaves and fill out with new, healthy leaves. It’ll take some time, but lots of bright, indirect sunlight and a good soak once a month will help this guy overcome its awkward phase.⁣ ⁣

2. It may not look like it, but this is a Star Cactus! This gal got exposed to prolonged direct sunlight and has a bunch of dried out lives. BUT, check out those little while dots on her base – those are new roots growing sprouting! She’ll grow new, healthy leaves from her center, and we’ll keep her in bright, indirect sunlight to avoid sunburn or drying out.⁣ ⁣

3. Our Baby Necklace doesn’t have any roots, but check out all those healthy leaves! We’ll gently remove some of those bottom leaves to create a little stem, and nestle her upright in some cactus soil. With very light watering once a week for 3-5 weeks, she’ll sprout new roots from the base of her stem that will grow down into the soil. After they start sprouting, she can receive deeper watering twice a month.⁣ ⁣

4. This Tiger’s Jaw has deep calluses and many of its leaves are broken at the tips. He’s even got a dead, black, crumpled leaf at the base of his rosette. We’ll go ahead and remove his dead leaf, and we won’t worry about the rest. Those calluses are totally normal, and he’ll grow out of those awkward looking leaves as he grows new leaves from the center of his rosette.⁣ ⁣

5. Last but certainly not the least weird misfit, we’ve got a Jelly Bean Plant! She’s growing sideways; she’s lost some leaves; she’s got light brown markings. The good news? None of that matters. We’ll nestle her back in some cactus soil and care for her per usual. She’ll straighten out, grow new leaves, and continue thriving. She’s a sedum, after all!

TL;DR – Calluses, broken leaves, brown spots, no roots, dying leaves… there’s likely a way for your misfit succulent can bounce back!


Do you have a misfit succulent from us that you’re worried about? We can help! Email hello@succulent.studio <3