History & Origin of Succulents

History & Origin of Succulents
History & Origin of Succulents

When you love something, you want to learn all there is to know! We love our succs and want to teach you a bit of background about these cute bbs. Knowing things like the history, origin, and natural habitat of succulents will actually prove handy in the care of them! When you can imagine the natural habitat for succs, you can better imagine the climates of those areas and try to recreate it. 

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Origin of Succulents

Described as the “Camels of the Plant World,” succulents are native to many parts of the world! Most often, succs come from Africa, Central and South America, the European Alps, and South Africa. 

Originally, cacti were only found in American contents and succulents were native to regions spanning northern Europe to the Far East. The large majority of succs were concentrated in southern and eastern Africa. In the late 15th century, major expeditions began taking place to find a western sea route to India, and explorers found many new species of plants during their travels. Vssco de Gama is noted to be one of the first people to discover succulents in southwestern Africa and India. 

They say trends repeat themselves, and people collecting succulents is no exception! In 1777-1878, succulents were widely popular. The desire for succulents gave birth to many more botanical expeditions, sponsored by King Charles III of Spain.

Succulent Natural Habitat

Cacti and succs set themselves apart from other species in the plant world with their ability to survive without water and in harsh climates. Some succulents derive from semi-desert environments and adapt to very dry conditions. Others that originate from the Alps evolved to grow in poor, rocky soil with harsh winds. Others come from the jungles of Central and South America, and also on beaches where the levels of salt in the ground and water are high. 

The Word “Succulent”

Originating from the Latin language, succulents were named after their ability to store water and nourishing ingredients in their roots, stems, and leaves. The word “succulent” in Latin is “succos,” literally translating to juice. 

succulents and cactus
history and origin of succulents

The Meaning of Gifting Succulents & Cacti

Succulents and cacti have always made great gifts! These tiny bbs have amazing meanings and symbolisms. In many cultures, a cactus represents protection and endurance. Gifting a cactus will bring luck and fortune to its owners. They also represent enduring love because of their ability to come out strong in harsh conditions. Feng Shui teaches us that succulents bring good fortune. It is said that succs protect owners from evil and negativity #GoodVibesOnly. In Japanese culture, succulents symbolize  tenacity, selflessness, love, and strength, making them a perfect gift to reveal your love for someone.

Our cute succ bbs made the journey from all over the world to bring us joy and good vibes! Succulents are all so unique with their own backstory and family. Learning their origin stories makes us appreciate them even more! We hope you enjoyed learning the history and origin of succulents as much as we did!

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