Drench + Dry Succulent Watering Method

Drench + Dry Succulent Watering Method
Drench + Dry Succulent Watering Method

Let’s get straight to the point on this one, you want to know how to water your succs and we’ve found that the Drench + Dry Succulent Watering Method is the best way to promote healthy, strong root growth. This watering method will help to prevent root rot, overwatering, and underwatering. These issues are the main reason succulents die, so let’s get a better watering method down pat to save our bbs. 

About Watering Succulents

Why Don’t Succulents Require Lots of Water?

Succulents are known as the camels in the plant world. Like a camel holds water in its hump, succulents hold moisture in their roots, stems, or leaves. This is why in some succ species, under watered plants will have shriveled leaves and once they get a good drench the leaves plump up and become full. 

Do not fret when the soil or perlite is completely dry. Succulents are more than capable of thriving in bone dry soil for a few days or even weeks. While these desert plants can survive the harsh conditions of their natural environment, it does not mean to never water her! 

The flip side of bone dry soil is, of course, over-watered soil. Succulents do not like to sit in moist soil, if you water your succs too often they will absorb too much water. In some succulents, you will notice soggy mushy leaves when she is overwatered. When the soil is constantly moist you run the risk of root rot and increase your chances of inviting pests to call your succ and it’s soil home. 

A common mistake people make when watering succs is giving them small amounts of water frequently. Instead, you want to mimic the natural environment of the desert, where there is a long stretch of time in between rains, and when it does rain it pours. Succulents are not made to get frequent shallow waterings, this can cause stunted growth. Which brings us to… 

The Drench + Dry Method

1. Start when the soil is completely dry

Do not start this method until the soil is completely dry. To test this, stick your finger down into the soil to check if it is dry. Be careful when checking the soil that you do not disturb the roots, especially in baby succulents. If you feel the soil is still a bit moist, do not be afraid to wait another week! We promise your succ will be fine.

*If you feel your cactus soil is remaining moist, or not drying out for weeks at a time, it may be suffering from root rot, and you should repot your plant immediately.

2. Completely drench your succ

When we say drench, we really mean drench! Water your succ with enough water that it drips out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. This ensures that the soil is completely soaked. If you’re not using a pot with a drainage hole, the drench method won’t work, and you’ll need to calculate the amount of water you are using. We suggest a 1:2 ratio of water to soil. 

3. Repeat

Once the soil is completely dry, drench again! Continue this pattern to keep bbs healthy and happy. Remember, as the seasons change the amount of time between waterings can as well. 

It may seem like a simple watering method, and that is because it is! The Drench + Dry Succulent Watering Method is our favorite way to water succs. Remember, succulents are not like the majority of other house plants, so using the same watering method will not help them thrive! 

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