DIY: Winter Succulent Planter

DIY: Winter Succulent Planter
DIY: Winter Succulent Planter

We’re back with another take on our seasonal planter. These glass vessel planters are perfect for that last minute decor, especially since you can use whatever you’ve got lying around the house! For this one we used some faux snow, dried orange slices, and fresh cedar cuttings! Here’s the breakdown of how to make your own. ⁠

You’ll Need: ⁠

  • A potted succulent arrangement
  • A glass vessel, larger than your succulent pot
  • Your favorite wintery items and decor you want to include

Here’s what to do:

Step 1.
Grab one of your already potted succulents or take a few minutes to create a little arrangement that will fit in your glass dish. ⁠

Step 2.
Place your potted succulents into the glass container. If the top edge of the pot falls below the edge of the glass container, line the bottom of the container with river rocks to lift the pot until they are both level. ⁠

Step 3.
Line the inner edges of your glass container with whatever you have chosen. If you have a larger vessel to fill you could use ornaments, pinecones, or bows! We used a small vessel so thin flat objects like orange slices and cedar garland worked great. ⁠

Step 4.
Nestle the pot inside your items and voila! You’ve got a centerpiece for your coffee table or entryway! ⁠

ProTip: If you’ve got extra items after you’ve completed your planter, place them around the base like we have with our cedar cuttings. It’ll give your arrangement a little more depth! ⁠

Succulent Care: When you’re ready to water your succulents, simply remove the pot from the glass container, water, and place it back into the planter once it’s done draining. ⁠

Succulents make for versatile decor all year round, not just in the summer! We wanna see your festive succs! Be sure to tag @sucstu in your creations. Happy Holidays! ⁠

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