Dessert Darlings: Why Succulents Rule

Dessert Darlings: Why Succulents Rule
Dessert Darlings: Why Succulents Rule

It is no secret that we are seriously simping for succs. Adding greenery to your space can brighten the room and your mood, plus plants are even known to purify the air! There are endless reasons we adore succulents, but we will share our 6 favorite things about these desert bbs:

Why Succulents Rule

1. They are like living art

When you decorate your space, you usually think of paintings, candles, and trinkets, but what about living art?! It has been said that succulents are Mother Nature’s sculptures. Succs have striking, unique, and robust leaves and stems. Some varieties of succulents can change colors through stressing

2. They match any space

Succulents seriously will match any room or aesthetic. Enhance the vibe of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with the addition of succs! Typically, succulents will grow to the size of their container so you can decide if you want ‘em big or, if you like, keep them cute and little in small pots. There is a different type of bb for every space! 

DIY a succulent hanger and let those bbs hang from the ceiling! Or get a little more advanced and create a DIY macrame.

Depending on the species of succulent you have, you can let them grow in a dim corner. You will have to make sure you pick a succ that grows best in partial shade, but once you find the right fit you have an adorable addition! 

#WindowsillCrew! We love a windowsill full of adorable succulents, and the succs love it too! 

Beautify a bookshelf with the addition of a succulent in an empty spot. 

3. Succulent care can be easy!

Once you get the care for succulents down, they are the easiest plant you will ever own. They are super hardy bbs and can deal with a little neglect. When you give them adequate sunlight and water when soil is completely dry, they will reward you with beautiful growth. A majority of succulents derive from the desert and are equipped to go long periods of time without water. 

4. Use succulents to create the cutest indoor garden.

Plant succulents together! There aren’t many things cuter than a baby succulent, but a BUNCH of baby succs in a pot together definitely is. Not only are grouped succs gorgeous, but they can help you save some space on that windowsill that’s been filling up. 

Pro Tip: Remember to check that the succulents you group together have similar care instructions. You do not want to put a succulent that loves direct sunlight in a pot that prefers partial shade. 

5. Natural Air Freshener! 

The majority of succs absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Nothing is better than your own personal source of fresh air. 

6. Help Increase Concentration

Succulents will brighten any room with their different colors and shapes, from thorney to bright and flowery. However, they are more than nice to look at, succulents have been proven to increase concentration and enhance memory. Along with releasing fresh air, they release water which is known to clear the mind and increase clarity of thoughts. 

Succulent Symbolic Meaning

Succulents are known to be a very special gift to give for their symbolic meaning. If you think about succulents in a literal sense, they are hardy plants that can weather the storm. Because of this, many cultures believe succulents to represent protection, strength, and endurance. If you are looking to give someone a symbolic gift to show strength and protection, a succulent is the perfect choice!

Succulents also represent enduring love because of their ability to come out strong in harsh conditions. In Japanese culture, succulents are a great gift to give if you are looking to reveal your love for someone. 

It may be a little obvious we are partial to succulents, but how can you not love these bbs?! Now it is your turn to go on and fill your home with succulents!