Decor Hack: Fill Your Space with Succulents

Decor Hack: Fill Your Space with Succulents
Decor Hack: Fill Your Space with Succulents

Do you become green with envy when scrolling through Pinterest, or is that just us? The home decor inspo runs deep with succulents and we want our space to look as good! Using succulents as decor is a great way to bring the outdoors in and increase the freshness of your space. Major perk of decorating with succs: it won’t break the bank! 

Once you understand basic succulent care, they become a super low maintenance pop of green in your room. Succs come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors and truly compliment any space.


Remember to take a peek at your particular succulent’s care instructions to make sure you pick the right place to set your succ!

Ideas for Succulent Decor 

Before heading to the store, look around your home for potential succulent pots! Things like tea cups, mugs, and old candle jars look cute – and won’t cost you a dime. Reminder, If your pot does not have a drainage hole be careful not to overwater your succ. Try less frequent waterings and do not completely drench the plant. When your bbs are thirsty, they will let you know. 

1. Succulent Terrarium 

Take your succulent stylings up a notch! An open air terrarium is a perfect summer gardening project and all the rage on Pinterest. 

2. Wine Cork Planter

Um wine and succulents? Yes please! Step one: polish off that bottle of wine, because we will need the cork. This super simple DIY will add flare to any room, but we do not recommend leaving the succs in wine corks for over a few weeks. 

3. Seasonal Planter

Seasonal planters are great to match the vibes of any season! For a cute winter-y planter, grab some fresh cedar cuttings and in the fall, easily switch it up with fall tones and fake leaves. 

4. Magnetic Succulent DIY

Upcycling and showcasing succulents in the kitchen? Yes, please! The addition of magnetic succulent planters is a super unique way to show off your succs and upcycle old tin cans. 

5. Desert Dreams Planter

Add some desert vibes to your space with a super cool succulent and cacti planter. For this arrangement you’ll want to use succulents that thrive in bright light and on very little water, like hardy Haworthias and cacti.

6. Teapot Planter

Got a teapot you will literally never use? Instead of regifting it at the next holiday, use it for a teapot succulent planter! This makes for a cheery table centerpiece or unique decoration on your sideboard. Perk, it has a built-in drainage hole! 

7. Up-cycled Dino Planter

Pay tribute to the dinos! Turn an old dinosaur toy into hella cute decor with a few simple steps. By spray painting the toys silver it adds a chic look to the toy and unique flare to your space. 

8. Succulent Macrame Holder 

If you are like us, you are running out of space for your succulents. The only reasonable solution is to start hanging them from the ceiling! In only 20 minutes you can have a super cute succulent hanger!

Happy crafting!