Best Amazon Plant Products Under $20

Best Amazon Plant Products Under $20
Best Amazon Plant Products Under $20

Looking to spoil yourself and your plants? We have compiled a list of the best plant finds on Amazon to help you grow healthy and happy bbs. Succulent Studios does not receive any compensation from the links on this page. Prices and availability are all accurate at the time of publication. 

  1. Plant Mister

This one is for those of you that are obsessed with propagating, or looking to get started! Succulent propogations require often misting and you can make your life MUCH easier by using a mister. This adorable mister will make your life easier and add a vintage flare to your space. 

Price: $13.88 

2. Ceramic Succulent Pots

If these aren’t your exact style, Amazon has tons of succulent pots all for under $20! Plus, many of them come as sets! Picking the right pot for succulents is important, and the selection on Amazon is great. The pots are shallow and have drainage holes! *Succulents not included in pots*

Price: $12.99

3. Modern Style Watering Can

This modern watering can is great for decorating your room! The long spout is great to poke inbetween leaves and water the soil directly.

Price: $11.99

4. Tiered Succulent Display – with Pots

Dealing with a crowded windowsill? This tiered planter is perfect for you! The sleek modern style will compliment any space. Plus, the pots have drainage holes! 

Price: $18.99

5. Clip on Grow Light 

With winter around the corner, you might want to consider investing in a grow light. These grow lights can automatically turn on and off with s 6 hour, 10 hour, and 12 hour setting. The light mimics sunlight to keep plants healthy through the winter. 

Price: $17.96

6. Liquid Succulent Fertilizer 

Succulents only need to be fertilized about twice a year, spring and fall. With fall rapidly approaching you might need to stock up on fertilizer! Liquid fertilizer is great to use when you are not repotting plants. 

Price: $10.36

7. Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

If your succulents are ready to be repotted, you might opt for granular fertilizer. This is great to add to the soil when repotting your plant. This formula is urea-free, making it gentler and will not burn roots. 

Price: $8.97

8. Ceramic Air Plant Holder

This tiny ceramic pot will give you a hand in holding your air plants! The modern and simple design is a super cute addition to every space. Specifically crafted for air plants! *Air plants not included*

Price: $11.99 for a set of 3

9. Nitrile Coated Gloves 

If you are working with cacti, you want to get yourself a pair of nitrile-coated gloves. Save your fingers from being poked by the long spikes and hair-like spines. Even when wearing gloves, continue to use caution when handling cacti. 

Price: $16.99

10. 2 Quart Bag of Cactus Soil

Cactus soil is super easy to make at home, but we get it, sometimes it is just easier to purchase it ready to go. Bonsai Jack cactus soil is specially crafted for succulents and cacti. The formula is fast draining, nurturing, and even made in the USA! 

Price: $13.88

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