Bare Root Succulents

Bare Root Succulents
Bare Root Succulents

Your monthly plant bbs are going to look a little different in the future! We are beginning to send out “Bare Root Succulents”. There are plenty of benefits to shipping succulents using this method including a cleaner box-opening for you and keeping succs healthy during their transportation. 

Let’s be frank, shipping succulents ALL over the country can be a little tricky when they are planted in soil. Dirt falls out of the pot, boxes become a little messy and getting the right balance of water in the soil before shipping cannot always be perfect. Shipping bare root succulents is the best and safest way to ship baby succs! 

What is a Bare Root Succulent? 

Bare root plants are exactly what they sound like – a plant with bare roots! We grow our baby succulents in dirt and then before shipping the dirt is removed for a better shipping experience for you and your succs.

Succulents store water in their stems and leaves, this allows them to go longer periods of time without water. (They are desert plants after all!) Shipping succulents without dirt does not hurt them at all! 

Depending on the variety of succulents, they can stay in a box without soil anywhere from 10 days to 3 months! However, we do not recommend leaving your bbs in the box for that long. Succs may look cute and fragile, but they are hardy desert plants! 

Bare Root Succulent Care

When you receive bare-root succulents, place the plant in an airy place and let the roots dry out for about 2-3 days. After the roots dry out a bit, simply re-pot your succulents in a pot with a drainage hole with cactus soil.

Step by Step Instructions for Potting a Bare Root Succulent 

1. Fill your pot ¾ way full with either homemade or store-bought cactus soil.

2. You can “tickle” the roots of the plant to loosen them up before potting. Think of this as a little root yoga or stretch before they get planted. Spreading them out a little bit can help them stabilize and get used to their new soil. Check the plant for damaged leaves or black roots and gently prune them away. 

3. Using your finger or a chopstick, dig a shallow hole in the soil and place that SUCCer right inside, and then cover the roots with more soil. Add more soil to the base of the plant without covering any of its leaves. Covering succulent leaves can easily cause rot due to absorbing too much moisture from the cactus soil.

4. All done! You can add a personal touch to your new plant bb with a top dressing, like sand or rocks. 

PRO TIP: Hold off on watering your succulent immediately after re-potting. The succulent roots will spread out through the soil looking for water, creating a more stable foundation for your bb. 

After a few days, begin the Drench + Dry Watering Method and allow your new plant bbs to grow healthy and happy!

Refer to your specific plant’s care instruction cards for details on your bbs needs.

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