Autumn Succulent Planter DIY

Autumn Succulent Planter DIY
Autumn Succulent Planter DIY

Most garden shops and big box stores swap out succulents for holiday decor this time of year, but we’re not having it! These hardy lil gals that can look fabulous 365 days a year, they just need a little dressing up! That’s where this DIY comes in. ⁠Let’s get started with this super cute and easy DIY!

You’ll need:⁠

  • A potted succulent arrangement⁠
  • A glass container large enough to fit the pot⁠
  • River rocks⁠
  • Fall leaves (real or faux)⁠⁠

Step 1:

Grab one of your already potted succulents or take a few minutes to create a little arrangement that will fit in your glass dish. We used succulents that complement the colors in the leaves for an autumnal look, but any cuties will do!

Step 2:

Place your potted succulents into the glass container. If the edge of the pot falls below the edge of the glass container, line the bottom of the container with river rocks to lift the pot until they are both level. ⁠(Did you know that rocks also help with drainage?)

Step 3:

Line the inner edges of your glass container with leaves. You can snag real leaves from outside or use a faux leaf that will last all season long!⁠ Just remember if you are using real leaves you should replace once they dry out.

Step 4:

Nestle the pot inside the leaves, and voila! You’re done! Set that baby on your dining room table or in your entryway for a pop of fall color. ⁠

Pro Tip: This technique can be used for every season! Pot up some lovely, powdery blue succulents and line your container with cut out snowflakes for a wonderful wintery planter.

Care: When you’re ready to water your succulents, simply remove the pot from the glass container, water, and place it back into the planter once it’s done draining.

Say it with us: ‘Succulents aren’t just for summer!’ Be sure to tag @sucstu in your creations so we can see ‘em! Happy crafting!