All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds

All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds
All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds

Have you mastered propagating succulents and want to move on to growing succulents from seeds? Then you’re in the right place. The satisfaction of growing new bbs from a teeny tiny seed is so rewarding. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest ways to expand your succ collection. 

This method will require a lot of patience (yes even more than propagating,) but with the right care you can achieve amazing results! Growing succulents from seeds is not that different from growing any other plant from a seed.

Where to Buy Succulent Seeds

Buying seeds from a reputable distributor will make a big difference. Sometimes seeds can look like a spec of dirt or dust, making them easily mistakable. 

You can find endless options for buying seeds on Etsy and many succulent lovers have come to trust Walawala Studio as a great source. They have some rare species of succulent seeds and they are high quality. 

Pro Tip: When looking online, whether you are checking Amazon or Etsy, be sure to read through reviews before making a final decision. Seeds are not that expensive, but you want to make sure you are receiving what you’ve paid for. 

What You’ll Need to Grow

Gather the following supplies and set yourself up for success!

Growing Medium

•Grow Light

•Seed Trays

Using the right soil is extremely important when growing from a seed. Use a soil that is also suitable for fully grown succulents – aka cactus soil. Whether you decide to use coconut coir or cactus soil, it is really up to you! Coconut coir holds moisture really well and drains very easily. Succulent soil is always a great go-to, whether store-bought or homemade!

Sacred Plant Co succulent seeds

Here are some recommendations:

•Cactus Soil (store bought or homemade)

•Coconut coir

Growing Succulents From Seeds

We have said this before, but succulent seeds are teeeeny tiny, so you’ll want to start with a clean workspace so you don’t lose them! Thoroughly wash your hands and fill the seed trays with soil.


Once you have filled your trays, wash your hands again and completely wipe down the potting area. (are you sensing a trend here?) 

Using clean hands, remove the seeds from the pouch and pop it on top of the soil. Once again, seeds are very small and it can be difficult to tell where you have placed the seed. Leave the seed right on top of the soil, no need to cover it. 

Grow, baby, grow!

In order to germinate, succulent seeds need lots of light and constant access to water. 

The easiest and best way to give them enough water is by filling a container with water and placing the seed tray inside. Add more water to the container as needed. If your seed tray came with a lid, pop it back on to slow the evaporation of water. You will still need to water quite frequently, you never want to allow your soil to completely dry out. 

An ideal spot for your tray is next to a bright window indoors. This spot will need to get lots of sun throughout the day. If you do not have a sunny spot for your succ nursery, grab your grow light and shine it onto the tray! Seeds require lots of light to grow. Keep the temperature of the room consistent – between 60 degrees and 80 degrees. 

Seed Growth!

All succulents are different and beautiful in their own way! This rings true when growing from seeds, different succ varieties will take different amounts of time to germinate. Check the information included with your seeds for a better idea of how long it will take to start to see results. Remember, don’t get discouraged, this process takes a lot of time and patience!  

Once you begin to see little succulent sprouts, make sure they have plenty of airflows, but keep the soil wet. If you placed a lid on your tray, don’t remove it quite yet. 

Continued Care for Growing Succulents

Baby roots are very fragile and should not be messed with. Leave the bbs in their original planter for at least six months to a year before repotting. (We told you it’d take a while.)

A general rule of thumb is that succulents can be repotted after it grows to about 2 inches and has a healthy root system

After you repot the succulents, water less frequently and slowly begins the Drench + Dry Watering Method

Growing Succs Not Fungus!

With a very wet environment, you may notice fungus growing on the soil, if this happens it’s time to increase the air circulation. Fungus grows when water stands in one place for too long. Try removing the lid off your tray every few days and spray with isopropyl alcohol. This will not harm your bbs, only kill the fungus! 

Go on and grow with confidence! If you are not successful the first time you try growing bbs from seeds, give it another shot! Keep up with us on insta @sucstu and show us your SUCCess!

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