Air Plant Care Instructions

Air Plant Care Instructions
Air Plant Care Instructions

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are rare, beautiful plants that grow without soil! These easy-care plants are the perfect no-frills, natural aesthetic, and they’re nearly effortless to grow. Set them in a hanging bowl or terrarium, on your coffee table, or in little glass dishes on your windowsill, and watch as they grow – soaking up all the nutrients they need from the air.

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  1. Set in partial to full sunlight
  2. Mist every 2-3 days with water
  3. Soak once a week for ~15-30 minutes, shaking off the excess water afterward

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pro tip: Your air plant should be able to dry fully in less than 3 hours after it’s been soaked. If it’s still wet after 3 hours, it may start to rot (no bueno!). Try placing the plant in a brighter spot with more air circulation to facilitate faster drying if needed.

In our most recent box, we shipped two California-grown air plants: the elegant and vibrant Melanocrater Tricolor and the curling, lightly fuzzy Capitata Peach, along with care instructions for each. Here are the specific care instructions for each:


  • Beautiful air plant with wide, flat leaves that curve outward from its stem
  • Leaves are a silvery green that blush shades of peach and pink when it blooms
  • Loves partial to full sunlight
  • Mist every couple days and soak in water once a week for 15 minutes, or up to an hour in summertime
  • Blooms bright purple flowers once a year


  • Central America native with waxy, thin leaves that resemble pine needles
  • Named “tricolor” because it will blush shades of dark red and purple in bright sunlight
  • Tolerates partial sunlight but prefers a day’s worth of full sun
  • Soak in water once a week for about 15 minutes, or up to an hour in summertime
  • Blooms pretty purple flowers once a year

Questions about your air plants or succulents? We’re here! Just shoot us an email at hello@succulent.studio.

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