60-Second Succulent Hanger DIY

60-Second Succulent Hanger DIY
60-Second Succulent Hanger DIY

So many succulents, so few windowsills.

Time for some of your favorites to move on up in the world, literally! Hanging planters are an adorable and easy way to create more space for your succulents because let’s be honest, your plant fam is growing and nobody’s mad about it.

This super easy, no-knot DIY is a great place to start if you’re short on time and those macrame DIY tutorials are a little too intimidating. All you’ll need is some rope, yarn, or twine, and a potted succulent! Check out the steps below, or scroll straight down to the video to follow along that way.


1. Tie your string to create a continuous loop.


2. Lay it out in an oval.

3. Twist and make a small loop on one end.


4. Place your potted succulent on the “X.”


5. Take the far end and pull it under and through the small loop.

6. Fold excess string over everything so it’s on the other side of the pot.


7. Take the two middle strings on either side of the pot and place them over the outer strings.


8. Pull the outers strings tight so all the strings hug the pot.


9. Adjust to even out the strings and lift up.

10. Hang your planter anywhere where it will receive bright, indirect light.



Video Steps:


And there you have it! Looking for more ways to decorate with your succulents? Check out a few of our favorite ideas here.

Be sure to tag @sucstu in pics of your own creations – we can’t wait to see them! And if you have any questions about hanging succulent planters or succulents in general, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy hangin’!

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