5 Tried and True Tricks to Keep Cats and Dogs Away From Your Succulents

5 Tried and True Tricks to Keep Cats and Dogs Away From Your Succulents
5 Tried and True Tricks to Keep Cats and Dogs Away From Your Succulents

Sometimes our pets make it downright impossible to balance pet parenthood with plant parenthood, but we’re not about to throw in the towel and sacrifice our succulents! We asked our subscribers for ways of keeping their furry friends away from their succulents, and boy did we get some amazing advice!

5 Tips for Keeping Pets Out of Your Plants:

1. Distract Your Cat with ‘Cat Grass’

Fulfill your cat’s need to torture plants with a patch of pet grass! This grass doesn’t smell or have any pollen to cause an allergic reaction. It’s a great distraction for cats and, of course, you can find it on Amazon!

2. DIY Citrus Spray

Use a 1 tablespoon to 1 cup ratio of lemon juice and water to make a simple cat-deterring plant spray. You can also use a few drops of lemon and citrus essential oil mixed into a spray bottle of water! Cats aren’t a fan of citrus, so the scent alone will be enough to keep them from digging around your succulents. To use, spray your succulents very lightly with the diluted citrus spray as needed.

3. Get A Unique Planter For Your Wall

Once upon a time, we had a hanging macrame pot that was so simple and beautiful. We considered it an interior decor win until an 8-month-old kitten scaled the wall and took down the pot and a chunk of the ceiling. Opt for the minimalist wall pot; pass on the boho hanging planter. We love this wall planter DIY or these geometric wall pots from Etsy.


4. Surround Your Succulents with Other Pokey Cacti

This is our favorite defense pet defense since it includes more plants! Start collecting a small cacti army to defend your baby succulents against nosy critters like cats and dogs.


5. Sprinkle a Lil Cayenne or a Dash of Hot Sauce

Consider cats and dogs the ultimate softies when it comes to heat. Sprinkle a little cayenne around the base of your succulents to keep your furry friends out of the dirt. Leftover Taco Bell sauce packages? Put those babies to use as a bit of fertilizer and an au naturel pet deterrent!


Protect your pets from toxic plants: Each month, we send two unique succulents to all our amazing subscribers, many of whom are also pet owners. Being both a plant and pet parent is a huge responsibility, and we want to help make sure your pets are safe and happy. Be sure to check if your plants are toxic to your pets. Here’s how.

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