5-Step Succulent Teapot DIY

5-Step Succulent Teapot DIY
5-Step Succulent Teapot DIY

Care for a pot of tea? How about a pot of succulents?

It’s time to repurpose your old teapot into a planter for your desert bbs! Not only is it a cheery table centerpiece, it has a built in drainage hole – no drilling required! But more on that later. Let’s get started!



  • Teapot
  • River Rocks (or any small rocks, about the size of a quarter)
  • Cactus Soil
  • Succulents
  • Perlite (optional)





  1. Fill the bottom half of your teapot with rocks. Make sure the layer of rocks is high enough to cover the hole for the spout.
  2. (optional). Add a layer of perlite about an inch thick across the top of the rocks. It will offer an extra layer of drainage and help keep the soil in place.
  3. Pour in fresh cactus soil, leaving about 1-2 inches at the top to be filled in later.
  4. Begin nestling in your succulents. Using a variety of heights and colors will really make your teapot pop! Keep in mind, planting the succulents close together will make your arrangement look full, but won’t give the plants room to grow. They will, however, be perfectly happy staying small and close together.
  5. Once all the succulents are in place, add more cactus soil to secure them and cover any roots that are still showing.


Now for the fun part! Your teapot’s spout is this planter’s secret drainage hole, so go ahead and water your beautiful new arrangement, then gently tip your teapot and pour out any excess water. Bonus points if you pour the excess water into another thirsty plant!


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