5 Gorgeous, Simple Ways to Decorate with Succulents

5 Gorgeous, Simple Ways to Decorate with Succulents
5 Gorgeous, Simple Ways to Decorate with Succulents

“But what do I even do with all those succulents?”

We’ve got a few ideas!

Here’s our list on top ways to display all those adorable baby succulents that show up on your doorstep every month. While we’re firm believers you can never have too many, running out of ideas on what to do with them happens! Not to mention, with cold winter months approaching bringing your succs indoors might save them from a bleak end.  So here’s a little inspo for your succulent dream decor.

  1. To the windowwww, to the wall (planter) hexagon-succulent-planter (1)Arranging your succulents in a wall planter is not only beautiful but also a great way to save space if your windowsills have reached max capacity. This how-to from Walnut Hollow will show you all the steps to make your own! Just make sure whatever wall they hang on still receives indirect sunlight.
  2. The more the merrier 6a00d8358081ff69e201901d87e2f6970b-800wi   If you’re short on space, or just looking for a stunning centerpiece, building your own succulent garden is the perfect option! Succulents love being huddled together, and you get to have fun playing around with design and arrangement styles. The Every Girl will show you just how to build your own garden! 
  3. Step up your wreath game                                                                                              matt-antonioli-557085-unsplash With the holidays right around the corner, take your wreath game to the next level! This one might require a little more crafting skills, we’ve got you covered! Check out our blog post with all the info and instructions for this DIY project.
  4. Hang loose macrameSo you’ve run out of windowsill, counter and wall space… we got you! These beautiful, DIY macrame hangers from Brit + Co make a gorgeous hanging addition to your space. Even if you do have extra room to spare, we have a hunch you’ll want to give this project a try! Check out the awesome DIY tutorial here.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Replant! planter       Not only is this a great way to use what you already have, but it makes a show-stopping centerpiece! Remodel-aholic has tons of great DIYs, this planter being one of them. Check out the instructions and make your own one-of-a-kind planter!

As always, happy planting! And don’t forget to tag us @sucstu in your crafting endeavors and shoot any questions you have to hello@succulent.studio 🌱🌵