3-Step Succulent Potting

3-Step Succulent Potting
3-Step Succulent Potting

How Biodegradable Pots Make Potting Succulents A Snap


Your succulents from Succulent Studios arrive at your doorstep in biodegradable pots, which means planting them into the perfect starter pot is a snap! Our pots are made of organic peat moss and wood pulp. Your plants can stay in their biodegradable pots for up to a few waterings, but the pots will start to soften the more you water them, and eventually fall apart. That’s when it’s time to plant them!


Getting Started


With our biodegradable pots, you can plant the entire thing into a new pot. (Yep, biodegradable pot, and all!)

Your new pot should be about 1-2 inches larger in circumference than the biodegradable pot, and it should have a drainage hole. Any 3-4″ pot will be great! 



3-Step Potting


1. Fill the bottom of your new pot with cactus soil.

2. Place your succulent in its biodegradable pot in the center and completely surround it with fresh cactus soil.

3. If your soil is completely dry, give the whole thing a good soak, and continue with your normal watering schedule.


That’s it! Happy potting!

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