3 Ingredient Cactus Soil DIY

3 Ingredient Cactus Soil DIY
3 Ingredient Cactus Soil DIY

How to Make Succulent-Happy Soil

Want to make your own batch of succulent-happy soil? Lucky for you, it only takes three ingredients! Cactus soil is the best medium for potting your succulent babes because it allows water to easily drain through. So grab that 10lb bag of potting soil you use for all your other houseplants, because we’re about to show you how to turn it into cactus soil!


Potting Soil vs. Cactus Soil

Most leafy houseplants need potting soil that will retain water, stay moist, and continue delivering water to the roots. Any regular potting soil is perfect for that. Cactus soil, on the other hand, allows water to drain through without retaining much moisture. This is perfect for succulents, which require a soil that’s able to dry out completely between waterings, similar to the soil in their natural desert environments. 

Nutrient content is another key difference. Standard potting soils may have added nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus that are great for some houseplants plants, but can harm a slow-growing cactus or succulent. In some cases, added nutrients can burn the roots or lead to deformities through fast growth. So, when you’re making your own cactus soil, you’ll want to make sure you’re starting with a potting soil that is low in added nutrients. (Those three numbers on the front of the bag should be mostly zeros!)




A large mixing bowl
Measuring cups
Potting Soil (low/no added nutrients)
Coarse Sand


3 parts potting soil
2 parts coarse sand
1 part perlite

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir. For ours, we used 3 cups of potting soil, 2 cups of sand, and 1 cup of perlite.



And that’s it! So simple. If you’re making this mix to repot your succulents and they’re due for some nutrients (you should fertilize succulents about every 6 months,) you can always add a time-release granular fertilizer to this mix. Just be sure to only use about 50% of the recommended amount of fertilizer, as a little bit can go a long way with succulents.


Happy planting!



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