Succulent Care
Bare Root Succulents

Your monthly plant bbs are going to look a little different in the future! We are beginning to send out “Bare Root Succulents”. There are plenty of benefits to shipping succulents using this method including a cleaner box-opening for you and keeping succs healthy during their transportation.  Let’s be frank, shipping succulents ALL over the… Continue reading Bare Root Succulents

String Me Along; Caring for String Succulents

String succulents are growing more and more popular! It seems like every Instagram plant influencer has shelves covered with adorable stringy succs and Pinterest boards are full of these draping darlings. Here’s what you need to know before scooping up your own!  What is a string succulent? These bbs are exactly like their name! A… Continue reading String Me Along; Caring for String Succulents

All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds

Have you mastered propagating succulents and want to move on to growing succulents from seeds? Then you’re in the right place. The satisfaction of growing new bbs from a teeny tiny seed is so rewarding. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest ways to expand your succ collection.  This method will require a lot of patience… Continue reading All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds

Autumn Cheat Sheet: Prepping for Seasonal Change

Goodbye summer, Hello fall… Time to put away the flip-flops and break out those boots and chunky sweaters, fall has arrived! If you live somewhere where the change in seasons means a drop in temperature and daylight hours, you’ve got a little succulent garden prep work to do. So, we went ahead made a handy… Continue reading Autumn Cheat Sheet: Prepping for Seasonal Change

Help! What’s Wrong With My Succulent?

For succulent newbies, it can be difficult to get a good read on the health of your plant.  Here are our top ‘red flags’ that something is off, along with a few common indications of health and new growth! If anything seems out of the ordinary for your plant babes, read on!

Succulent Vocab Cheat Sheet

“What the *bleep* does that mean?” We throw a lot of technical terms around when we’re yammering on about our beloved succulents, and if you’re new to plant parenthood, you may have no idea what we’re talking about. (Etiolation, what now?) That’s why we’re rounding up all the terminology you need to know to trick… Continue reading Succulent Vocab Cheat Sheet

Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Garden

Your garden is not meant to be a snack! If you live in a region where deer are a problem, you’ve probably experienced the disappointment of coming outside to chomped-off blooms and stalks.  Save yourself the headache by selecting plants that deer won’t want to munch on. We cannot promise that your garden will be… Continue reading Deer-Resistant Plants for Your Garden

Grow Light FAQs

It’s that time of year. The leaves are falling, the air is getting chilly, and the sunlight is seriously fleeting. If you live somewhere like the Pacific Northwest, where most winter days are cloudy, or worse, the midwest, where your window panes are more likely covered in snow and frost than rays of sun, it’s… Continue reading Grow Light FAQs

Best Amazon Plant Products Under $20

Looking to spoil yourself and your plants? We have compiled a list of the best plant finds on Amazon to help you grow healthy and happy bbs. Succulent Studios does not receive any compensation from the links on this page. Prices and availability are all accurate at the time of publication.  Plant Mister This one… Continue reading Best Amazon Plant Products Under $20

Succulent Fertilization Facts: Why It Matters & How To Do It

Go from plant newbie to plant pro by giving your succulents an extra power-up!
One of the best ways to give your succulents a boost is by using a little natural fertilizer. We chatted with our Chief Farmer at the Succulent Studios Nursery and got his top tips for keeping your succulent babies happy, healthy, and growing strong!