Succulent Care
Fallen Succulent Quick Fix

Whether your succulent pops out of its pot on a particularly rough journey to your home, or some rascal in your house (AKA you, your dog, your toddler, etc.) accidentally knocks it over, succulents can easily fall out of their pots. Fortunately, succulents take tumbles like champs!   How to Repot Your Fallen Succulent (WITH… Continue reading Fallen Succulent Quick Fix

Mist Busters: Debunking the Misting Myth

To mist or not to mist, that is the question… … asked by you, our wonderful succulent lovers. We’re here to deMISTify this hot topic, so if you’re someone who sprays or mists their succulents, listen up!   Problem: Misting Doesn’t Promote Root Growth Strong, hardy succulents have strong, hardy roots. While misting allows your… Continue reading Mist Busters: Debunking the Misting Myth

How to Spot and Save Under-watered Succulents

Wrinkles aren’t a good look on your succulents. Luckily, you don’t have to buy an expensive face cream for them to look their best. All it takes is some water! Learn how to spot an revive an under-watered succulent below.

Over-Watered Succulents: Prevention, Identification, and Saving

Because desert plants still need water, just not as much as you think. We get it, you want to give your succulent all the love. It’s adorable, it makes you happy, and all it asks for in return is soil, water, light, and some extra nutrients every now and then. But water isn’t the way… Continue reading Over-Watered Succulents: Prevention, Identification, and Saving

Repotting Succulents: A How-To

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Your succulent babies won’t stay babies forever. Eventually, they’ll outgrow their homes and need to be repotted, (the perfect opportunity for a little succulent + plant-parent bonding.) Get ready to roll up those sleeves and get your hands dirty, we’re here to answer all your repotting questions.  When’s… Continue reading Repotting Succulents: A How-To

Movin’ Out: How to Take Indoor Succulents Outdoors for Summer

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially for your succulents! Since most are native to dry, desert climates, summer is their favorite time of year! Whether you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor succulent planter, or simply moving your potted babes to the porch outside, check out these tips before making the transition from indoor to outdoor plant.

Mealybugs: How to Identify, Remove, and Prevent an Infestation

Those tiny white cotton-looking bugs on your succulent are mealybugs, and they’re nasty. Learn how to identify, remove, and prevent an infestation.

Succulents in the Office: A How-To

Succulents make for enviable desk decor, it’s just facts. Not only are these bbs colorful and cute additions to your office, they make the perfect sidekicks by…

· Cleansing the air by removing VOCs
· Preventing the spread of colds and flus
· Increasing productivity and attentiveness (For more info on that, click here )

There’s just one catch…

What to Do With Your Succulents When You’re on Vacay

Your bags are packed. Your ticket’s on your phone. You downloaded 5 audiobooks (because you’re *definitely* not about to watch movies the whole plane ride). This vacation is going to crush because you’ve thought of everything! But what about all those plant babies you’re leaving behind? Will your succulents die while you’re gone?! Don’t stress. While succulents generally like being left alone anyway, there are a few things you can do to make sure they’ll be extra comfy while you’re away:

Shedding (Sun)Light on Indoor Succulents

We’ve said it a hundred times before, and we’ll say it a hundred more: baby succulents need bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. But what does that mean, exactly? And how the heck do you pick the best spot in your house for your succulents? What if they burn?! Or stretch?! OR DIE?! If you’ve been panicking about making sure your succulents get the perfect amount of sunlight, you’re in the right place! Here’s the scoop:

Misfit Succulents: How to Care for Your Succulent Weirdos

We’re in the land of the misfit succulents! The mangled, the ugly, the awkward, the discolored, the rootless, the callused, the mushy… we’re keeping the faith for ALL of ’em. Gather your weirdo succulents you keep giving that concerned look to, and listen up!⁣ ⁣

Stem Snap: How to Grow a Succulent Without Roots

Sometimes your cat knocks your plants off the windowsill while staring into your eyes. Sometimes your postal worker dropkicks your Succulent Studios subscription box onto your stoop. And sometimes you have a super happy, healthy succulent with a few branches on it, and you want to make more of it! No matter the reason for your succulent not having roots (whether an in injury or intentional snip snip), the truth is this: succulents are just as alive with or without roots. In alive, in fact, that succulents without roots have a name: a succulent cutting. Here’s how to take your lil cutting and make sure it grows into a thriving, mature succulent!

How to Heal Frostbitten Succulents

Whether your succulent box sat outside in freezing temps until you got home from work, or you woke up to find your porch succulents in a snow globe situation, it’s definitely possible to save frostbitten succulents! If the entire succulent is brown, limp, and mushy… you may want to plan its funeral. BUT, if there are still some healthy leaves, or even parts of healthy leaves with frostbitten tips, there’s hope!

Succulent Grow Lights: Everything You Need to Know

Growing succulents indoors during the sun-shiny months of summer is a breeze, but what if you live in the Pacific Northwest in winter, where most days are cloudy? Or worse, the midwest, where your window panes are more likely covered in snow and frost than rays of sun? This is where grow lights come in!

When your little desert plants need more than a windowsill to continue growing and thriving, investing in a grow bulb is a cost-effective way to keep ’em happy no matter the weather outside.

Help! What’s Wrong With My Succulent?

For succulent newbies, it can be difficult to get a good read on the health of your plant.  Here are our top ‘red flags’ that something is off, along with a few common indications of health and new growth! If anything seems out of the ordinary for your plant babes, read on!

Succulents 101: A Handy Guide for Beginners

Maybe it’s your first crack at plant parenthood, maybe you’re just getting started with succulents. Regardless, here’s our crash course for beginners! 

Step-by-Step Succulent Propagation Guide

How to Propagate Succulent Leaves and Cuttings: No matter what stage of the propagation journey you’re in, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with the basics!

How to Revive Your Busted Succulents

Every once in a great while, the sheer joy of opening your Succulent Studios subscription box may be suddenly replaced with the sheer terror of seeing your new plants in a sad, broken state. When this happens, do not hesitate in reaching out to us so we can make good on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. But as for your busted succulents, don’t lose hope! Here’s how to fix ’em.

November Succulents: Healing Guide

November succulents are coming in hot… sometimes too hot! For any succulent that arrives a little worse for the wear, have no fear. November succulents are particularly resilient and propagation pros!

Grow Block 101: The Foam Stuff Around Your Succulents

You may receive a succulent and notice there’s a little more than just dirt in that soil! The green, foamy looking substance is called grow block!

Succulent Fertilization Facts: Why It Matters & How To Do It

Go from plant newbie to plant pro by giving your succulents an extra power-up!
One of the best ways to give your succulents a boost is by using a little natural fertilizer. We chatted with our Chief Farmer at the Succulent Studios Nursery and got his top tips for keeping your succulent babies happy, healthy, and growing strong!

October Recovery Guide

Trick: Your postal worker got rough with your succulents and they arrived a little busted…

Treat: Here’s a quick fix to salvage them!

Succulent Potting 101: How To Safely Pot Your Succulents

While your Succulent Studios bbs will be totally happy and healthy in their original black pots, we know there’s nothing like stumbling upon the perfect pot to spruce up your space!

Caring for Succulents in Winter

Did you know that succulents hibernate? While they don’t crawl into a cave for months at a time, your desert plants will either slow or stop their growing and require little to no water at all. Here’s how best to care for your succulents during the shorter days and colder months!

September Succulent Salvation

We know the level of disappointment that comes with receiving broken or busted succulents in your box. But after peeping this video below, you might secretly hope your babies get a little roughed up along the way!

How To Water Your Succulents Without Killing Them: The Complete Guide

“Succulents are so easy, you barely have to water them!” While we’d be the first to tell you how low maintenance succulents are, these desert plants still need water – in moderation, of course! Read on for our Do’s and Don’t’s on watering!

5 Simple Tricks to Giving Your Succulents Their Best Life

Because nothing succs more than losing a succulent 🌱

How To Revive Your Busted Succulents

Every once in a great while, the sheer joy of opening your Succulent Studios subscription box may be suddenly replaced with the sheer terror of seeing your new plants in a sad, broken state. When this happens, do not hesitate in reaching out to us so we can make good on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. As for your busted succulents, there’s hope!

Succulent Studios Unboxing + Repotting

Step-by-step instructions for unboxing and repotting your new bb succulents!