Succulent Care
Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically

We totally get it, you are at a big box store and the garden section is CALLING your name. The draw to that section is hard to ignore. However, you might give those huge garden sections a side-eye after finding out more information about them.  Hardware stores literally SPRAY PAINT their plants and they use… Continue reading Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically

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Movin’ Out: How to Take Indoor Succulents Outdoors for Summer

Summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially for your succulents! Since most are native to dry, desert climates, summer is their favorite time of year! Whether you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor succulent planter, or simply moving your potted babes to the porch outside, check out these tips before making the transition from indoor to outdoor plant.

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Mealybugs: How to Identify, Remove, and Prevent an Infestation

Those tiny white cotton-looking bugs on your succulent are mealybugs, and they’re nasty. Learn how to identify, remove, and prevent an infestation.

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Succulents in the Office: A How-To

Succulents make for enviable desk decor, it’s just facts. Not only are these bbs colorful and cute additions to your office, they make the perfect sidekicks by…

· Cleansing the air by removing VOCs
· Preventing the spread of colds and flus
· Increasing productivity and attentiveness (For more info on that, click here )

There’s just one catch…

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Grow Block 101: The Foam Stuff Around Your Succulents

You may receive a succulent and notice there’s a little more than just dirt in that soil! The green, foamy looking substance is called grow block!

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5 Tried and True Tricks to Keep Cats and Dogs Away From Your Succulents

Sometimes our pets make it downright impossible to balance pet parenthood with plant parenthood, but we’re not about to throw in the towel and sacrifice our succulents! We asked our subscribers for ways of keeping their furry friends away from their succulents, and boy did we get some amazing advice! 5 Tips for Keeping Pets… Continue reading 5 Tried and True Tricks to Keep Cats and Dogs Away From Your Succulents

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5 Simple Tricks to Giving Your Succulents Their Best Life

Because nothing succs more than losing a succulent 🌱

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Marble Succulent Pot DIY

If you’re not hammering drainage holes into your recycled cans for your succulents, what are you even doing?

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