All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds

Have you mastered propagating succulents and want to move on to growing succulents from seeds? Then you’re in the right place. The satisfaction of growing new bbs from a teeny tiny seed is so rewarding. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest ways to expand your succ collection.  This method will require a lot of patience… Continue reading All in One Guide to Planting Succulent Seeds

Let’s Get Schooled: Succulent Care 301

Welcome to section 301 of our Succulent Care course! In Succulent Care 101 we went over watering, types of light, soil, and fertilizing succulents. Our last course, Succulent Care 201, we dove into water-related issues, pruning, and propagation. Time to move on up towards plant-pro.   Let’s Get More Advanced Becoming the ultimate plant parent… Continue reading Let’s Get Schooled: Succulent Care 301

DIY: Winter Succulent Planter

We’re back with another take on our seasonal planter. These glass vessel planters are perfect for that last minute decor, especially since you can use whatever you’ve got lying around the house! For this one we used some faux snow, dried orange slices, and fresh cedar cuttings! Here’s the breakdown of how to make your… Continue reading DIY: Winter Succulent Planter

The Power of Perlite

How tiny bits of volcanic glass can help your succulents thrive If you haven’t guessed by now, to grow happy and healthy succulents (or any plants, really) you need the right kind of soil. For most house plants, regular potting soil is great because it’s filled with tons of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus and… Continue reading The Power of Perlite

Picking the Right Pot

Picking the right pot for your succulent isn’t just about style. Drainage, material, and size are all factors to take into consideration when rehoming your bbs.

3-Step Succulent Potting

How Biodegradable Pots Make Potting Succulents A Snap   Your succulents from Succulent Studios arrive at your doorstep in biodegradable pots, which means planting them into the perfect starter pot is a snap! Our pots are made of organic peat moss and wood pulp. Your plants can stay in their biodegradable pots for up to… Continue reading 3-Step Succulent Potting

Biodegradable Pots: All Your Questions, Answered

It’s been just over a year since we made the switch to 100% plastic-free packaging, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Here’s everything you need to know about our little biodegradable succulent pots and why they’re so great:   Why Biodegradable?   Because the future of our planet matters. Since making the switch, we’ve… Continue reading Biodegradable Pots: All Your Questions, Answered

Leveling Up: What To Do When Your Succulent Outgrows Its Pot

Grow, baby, grow!   Your little succulents won’t stay little forever. Eventually, they’ll outgrow their homes and need to be repotted – the perfect opportunity for some succulent + plant-parent bonding! Get ready to roll up those sleeves, get your hands dirty, and dive into your next at-home project…   When to Repot: Your succulent… Continue reading Leveling Up: What To Do When Your Succulent Outgrows Its Pot