Monthly Succulent Healing
How to Revive Your Busted Succulents

Every once in a great while, the sheer joy of opening your Succulent Studios subscription box may be suddenly replaced with the sheer terror of seeing your new plants in a sad, broken state. When this happens, do not hesitate in reaching out to us so we can make good on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. But as for your busted succulents, don’t lose hope! Here’s how to fix ’em.

November Succulents: Healing Guide

November succulents are coming in hot… sometimes too hot! For any succulent that arrives a little worse for the wear, have no fear. November succulents are particularly resilient and propagation pros!

October Recovery Guide

Trick: Your postal worker got rough with your succulents and they arrived a little busted…

Treat: Here’s a quick fix to salvage them!

September Succulent Salvation

We know the level of disappointment that comes with receiving broken or busted succulents in your box. But after peeping this video below, you might secretly hope your babies get a little roughed up along the way!