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5 Expert Tips to Capture Your Succulents’ Best Angles

We asked our in-house photographer and social media manager for her top 5 tricks to creating the gorgeous succulent photos you see on our feed, and she delivered! Check out her top tips for getting your bbs to absolutely *shine* in photos, no matter what kind of camera you’re using.

Stuck-On-You Magnetic Planter DIY

Upcycle your old cans or tea tins to make the perfect new planter!   We love a creative hack, especially when it comes to putting our succulent bbs on display! In this DIY, we’re upcycling an old tea tin and turning it into a fridge magnet because #pandemiclife and also because it’s *way* cuter than… Continue reading Stuck-On-You Magnetic Planter DIY

3 At-Home Aloe Beauty Treatments

  We all know aloe vera makes a great sunburn treatment. But don’t wait until you’re sunburned to include this plant into your beauty routine! Aloe is packed with all sorts of vitamins and enzymes that are great for skin and hair health, like vitamins A, C, and E. Have an aloe plant you want… Continue reading 3 At-Home Aloe Beauty Treatments

Succulent Studios Coloring Book

You know who really does NOT need another coloring book right now? Zero people. No one. Absolutely not one soul. We checked. Download our Succulent Studios Coloring Book here!

Propagation Mandalas

Living art is the best kind of art!
That’s why we’re obsessing over these propagation mandalas, which are gorgeous, easy to make, and actually a very practical way to propagate your succulents!

Upcycled Dino Planter DIY

If there’s one thing we’ll never outgrow, it’s our obsession with dinosaurs. (This is a dinosaur world and we’re just living in it.) That’s why we’re turning a dino toy into hella cute decor as a planter for your succulents!

Succulent Pumpkin Planter: How to Make the Perfect Pumpculent

Pumpkin + Succulent = Pumpculent! In this fall themed DIY we show you how to plant your succulents into a super cute pumpkin. It’s called a pumpculent, and it’s straight up adorable.

60-Second Succulent Hanger DIY

So many succulents, so few windowsills. Time for some of your favorites to move on up in the world, literally! Hanging planters are an adorable and easy way to create more space for your succulents. This super easy, no-knot DIY is a great place to start if you’re short on time and those macrame DIY tutorials are a little too intimidating.

Easy Succulent Macrame DIY

If you’re next-level-absolutely obsessed with succulents (like we are, no judgment), you’re probably pretty keen on finding fun ways to decorate with them. Check out this super simple tutorial for an adorable macrame succulent hanger.

Succulents in the Office: A How-To

Succulents make for enviable desk decor, it’s just facts. Not only are these bbs colorful and cute additions to your office, they make the perfect sidekicks by…

· Cleansing the air by removing VOCs
· Preventing the spread of colds and flus
· Increasing productivity and attentiveness (For more info on that, click here )

There’s just one catch…

Wine Cork Succulent Planter DIY

Put your succulents on display AND upcycle your wine corks. Simple, easy succulent decor for the win! These teeny little pieces of succulent decor are perfect on a dining table for some cute accents, hot glue a magnet on that succ-er and stick ’em to the fridge, or give them away as party favors! Check out these super simple instructions and you’ll never throw away another wine cork again. 

7 Quick, Practical Tips to Help Holiday Burnout

Happy Winter Solstice! For those of you feeling the holiday panic, winter blues, or some rollercoaster ride of both, we put together seven of our favorite super practical and easy ways to power through. You got this!