Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically

We totally get it, you are at a big box store and the garden section is CALLING your name. The draw to that section is hard to ignore. However, you might give those huge garden sections a side-eye after finding out more information about them.  Hardware stores literally SPRAY PAINT their plants and they use… Continue reading Skip the Box Store: Buy Succs Ethically

Succulent Studios Farmer Highlight

Our Succulent Studios plants are born in California and raised wherever you are. Our plant farm is located in Fallbrook, California where our farmer, Ryan, raises all of our baby succs. Our team has a deeply rooted passion (pun totally intended) for growing healthy and happy plants and sharing them with you, no matter where… Continue reading Succulent Studios Farmer Highlight

Going Plastic-Free: New Packaging, Healthier Succulents, and a Greener Future

We believe it’s long overdue for businesses to operate with our earth and future generations in mind, and we’re ready to make a change. We are so proud to announce our new, 100% plastic-free packaging. It’s truly a change that’s bigger than us, bigger than our succulents. It’s a mission to walk this earth more gently and do our part for a brighter, greener future.