Grown with love and shipped with care.

Bringing you the most unique variety of succulents from Southern California right to your door.

What you get.

2 plants / month

$11 (+shipping)

Carefully curated at our second-generation farm, each subscription box comes with two unique 8-week-old succulents. Perfect for your home, apartment, office, or dorm, these baby plants ship in 2 inch pots, happy and ready to grow! Add 'em anywhere you want a pop of color and a boost of oxygen!


Subscriptions automatically renew.

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Welcome to Succulent Studios, the best place to buy unique, hardy succulents online. Inside each succulent subscription box you will find your beautiful new plants safely packaged and ready to enjoy.

Includes care instructions.

We Grow

Our succulents are grown in sunny Southern California using only organic media and fertilizers.

We Ship

Securely packaged and rushed to your door, ready to be planted!

You Enjoy!

Succulents make every home, office,or studio a happy and healthy one. Enjoy them all year long.

Gallons of Oxygen Made

Give a little, get a lot.

For how little they need to thrive, succulents are remarkably giving. Like other houseplants, research has shown that succulents can help cleanse and dehumidify the air (which helps increase oxygen while deterring illnesses like colds and flus), boost healing by lowering anxiety, fatigue, and pain, and even lead to increased productivity at work when stationed at your desk.

Unlike other houseplants, succulents have two superpowers that are extremely unique. 1) succulents preserve the consumption of water (an issue close to our Southern California hearts), and 2) they produce oxygen at night while your other plants are producing carbon dioxide, which makes them perfect for bedrooms.

Pretty incredible!